faucet and copper sinks

Buying And Caring For Copper Sinks

Copper sinks lend an air of aristocracy to any home. They are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and look beautiful.

They work well in modern homes as well as contemporary and rustic styled homes. You can find them in a wide array of styles, shapes, finishes, and designs.

You can also find copper bathtubs as well. When you choose copper, you know that you’re choosing a quality item that will last a lifetime.

To ensure this, most copper items are given a lifetime warranty so you can rest assured that you’re choosing a quality product.

Many people worry that their copper will tarnish. While this is true, it’s also part of the character of the sink.

As the sink comes into contact with acidic products it will develop different coloring patinas. Some of this pantina will be dark and other areas will lighten up as the sink is touched with salt or vinegar or other acidic foods.

This will give it a shine and patina that is unique and one of a kind. Each and every sink that is made of copper will develop its own patina. You’ll want to understand how to care properly for such a sink.

To properly care for the sink you’ll want to wipe it carefully after every use with a mild soap and a soft cloth. After washing it, dry it with a soft cloth.

Always avoid abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals in the sink. Also, keep drain cleaners out of the sink as well as bleach.

Don’t let dishes sit in the sink for long periods of time, especially if they have other things on them besides food such as vinegar.

Even toothpaste can alter the patina of your sink if it’s made of copper so be sure to teach everyone to rinse the sink well after brushing their teeth.

There are also special products that you can purchase that will help to encourage your sink made of copper to always look its best.

Be taking care of your sink properly, you’ll give it a life all its own. At night, when the lights are out, it will appear to be lifelike.

During the day, it will be much more utilitarian and do its proper job as long as you take good care of it. A lifetime warranty will help you to remember that it’s a good quality product.

Many people shy away from such purchases due to the extra care required. However, with proper care, they can really enhance a home and add to the character of the home.

It just takes a bit of tender loving care and the sink will add to the home’s natural beauty and you won’t have to worry. Just ensure that you’re using only bath products in a copper tub that will not harm the copper.

There are a variety of brands on the market today for copper sinks and you’ll find that over the course of time you love it more and more.